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    Opinions on best payment method..

    We currently are using a friend's merchant system to do some billing, but he no longer wants to continue.

    I am looking for a reasonable solution, here is the situation. We bill on yearly basis, so at the first of the year we will need to bill around 100 clients at $180, after that we will be adding new clients here and there at $15 a month but in full payment. (So people who just signed up in July will be billed at $90.).

    Should I just use Paypal for this? Send out a new email to everyone with a link, I think that might be a hassle. I have all the faxed authorization forms and CC info, Paypal has a new virtual feature where you can bill faxes, phone, slips, etc.. But for $20 a month, I mainly will only be doing the billing at the first of the year.

    What other solutions would someone recommend? We were going to call Wachovia but I did a search and it seems banks require at least 3k a month.

    Any replies are greatly appreciated.

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    You should not have any trouble finding a direct merchant account that will work for less than $3K/month. Just try to find one without any monthly minimums.

    Some providers will make an issue out of annual billing (many prefer monthly billing), so just make sure they are aware of that aspect of your business when you apply.
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    Paypal is the only way to go for such small funds . Banks mostly donot like Merchant accounts with less then 3k monthly transactions
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    Really wish paypal started inter country direct remittance. Apart from that everything about them is good
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  5. Where are you located, outside the US?
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