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    Hi community,

    after trying one hour to send an email with Opera, I wrote staff a mail. I posted the surprising answer on my own site. I am wondering that they never inform their customer about maintenances.

    What do you think about I am using them for three weeks now and I must say: You get what you pay for, maybe a little bit more.

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    It is correct that you have not been able to use our SMTP a few hours today as maintenance was performed. Unfortunately we have to do this from time to time to keep it up to date.

    We are sorry about the inconvenience!
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    So you came all the way here to complain? Sure they could have given notice but why bother posting this here if they responded to you?

    You get what you pay for, maybe a little bit more.
    If you want a host that does hand stands for you then simply go for a mission critical solution and pay mission critical prices

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    also make sure your isp isnt blocking port 25 run this test in IE:

    Replace with your actual server name and hit enter, if it connects your good to go if it does nothing than either its being blocked by your isp or its still down for maintence as stef says.. gl

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    Hi all,

    thanks for answering, thanks, too. But a new problems has been appeared. The staff informed me (after askering why my domain has some outtimes) that they have had heavy DOS attacks.

    I posted the trouble ticket answer on my site:

    Maybe some more customers want to join the thread to document all problems in order to demonstrate that we inform new and existing customers about what happened to us.

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    I'll join the thread and tell you to ask for your refund and find another provider!
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