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    Arrow [FOR SALE] - $250/mo revenue


    Age of site (months): 9

    Avg. monthly revenue: 250

    Revenue details:
    The revenue is generated from two primary sources. The first being TargetFirst advertising (similar to google ads). These ads are shown in three locations, including the top-middle and right-hand side of the website as well as the top of the forums.

    Revenue from this is about $7/day ($6.90 if you work it out according the pic, but only $0.13 has been made today according to the stats, so I imagine that will be around $7 by the end of the day). So in essence, the site actually makes over $7/day.

    This is equivalent to $2 555 / year

    Additionally, text links are sold site-wide (excluding the forums) for $10/mo. Currently there are 5 paying customers. This adds up to $600 / year

    Total yearly revenue: $3155

    Revenue screenshot:

    Avg. monthly pageviews: 300 000 page views, 75 000 visits, 50 000 uniques

    Traffic details:
    Traffic is largely for the photoshop tutorials we offer, there are over 90 of them. The traffic comes largely from and as well as a couple of other tutorial indexing sites.

    Return traffic is quite large, and the forums we have help contribute to that. We have about 2-3 new sign-ups per day and are up to over 650 members and over 7000 posts.

    Please note that the site was switched over to my servers late June, thats the reason for limited back-stats. July is obviously the best month to use for reference. Stats were taken on July 26, and are update to July 25th.

    Monthly Totals:

    Daily Totals:


    By Country:

    Search Indexing:

    The site is essentially a webmaster's resource. It is based largely around photoshop tutorials, of which we have over 90. It also has small PHP and HTML/CSS tutorial sections.

    Stat info is available above. The site has CMS for adding tutorials and news (although the news recently crapped out, and we had to revert back to posts from June... this issue has been resolved)

    With the purchase of the site you will receive all the files needed including all PHP files, SQL database files, PSD source files, and forum files. Additionally you'll get the information for the VB license turned over to you (its liscensed yearly and has about 8 months left I believe).

    Of course of one the greatest parts about this site is the community forums which are growing daily. A weekly "Sig of the Week" contest is quite popular and is run by volunteer forum staff. Additionally, I've started a monthly contest with a prize. This month was a "Design a Background" contest which you can read about at the site.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me or post respectably here.

    One question bound to be asked is why I am selling. In all honesty, I had acquired this site hoping to keep it. Unfortunately, I'm about to start my second year in Software Engineering and need the money for tuition and rent.

    Price: $2600 (just under 10 months revenue)

    Is an auction? Yes

    Buy Now Price: $4000 (just over 15 months revenue)

    Auction ends: Whenever I'm happy with the price, hopefully within a week.

    Indexed Pages (Google): 645 and growing

    Indexed Pages (Yahoo): 1270 and growing

    Google PageRank: 4

    Alexa Ranking: 225 206

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    From my google tool bar it is only showing as a PR3 iHost v3 in beta Host Automation - iPanel v4 beta With Forced Ads in User Sites, illegal file scanner, and new post 4 hosting feature
    www.domainuptime.comSite monitoring

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    well to be frank, PR means nothing to me. Be sure you're putting in not just as they are different.

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    I get PR4 for both variations of the URL.

    Nice site, good luck with the sale!

    - Tomer
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    Good luck mate
    i love that site

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    nice site there dude best of luck with your sale
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    Can you answer a few questions:

    How much work is involved to manage the site?
    Who creates new tutorials?


    - Tomer
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    Managing the site could be as little as a half hour per week. However, the more you're involved with the forum and the community the more it will grow.

    The tutorials are done partially by the other admin on the forum and partially by users on the forum who submit them there, and then I take them over to the main site with their permission

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    Whats the current high bid?

    - Tomer
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    I've entered into serious talks with about 3 bidders now. If you're interested in this site and have been sitting on the fence its time to speak now or forever hold your peace.

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    I had accepted one offer and then the guy backed out in the escrow stage. I have emailed other parties that were interested to resume negotiations - my apologies to them, this was beyond my control.

    I've also added revenue stats for April and May (using adsense) at

    Please feel free to make new offers or as other questions. Thanks

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