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    [FOR SALE] Professional vBulletin skin, coded

    Hey all

    View Forum Skin
    Example Postbit

    Some of you may remember i posted this skin before, after holding on for aslong as i could the buyer decieded to pull out so its back up for sale

    The skin is fully coded and ready to go, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

    Comes with:
    Exclusive rights & Resell
    Source Files
    Coded Skin (If chosen)
    Fonts Used

    It IS unsold and unused.

    Prices is: $200

    - - -

    Aswell as the forum skin i also have a busines design for sale, the design comes with full unique rights aswell as source files etc.

    View Design

    The cost for this design is $50 uncoded

    If your interested in either design and require more information don't hesitate to contact me via PM, e-mail ([email protected]) or post a reply here

    Thanks All,

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    Just wow! about the forum, and same for the business design! Just wow!

    Good Luck with the sale.

    Have a Muffin!

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    Thanks alot Mr.Muffinman

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    How come he's selling it at $60?
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    Originally posted by CPR

    How come he's selling it at $60?
    He isn't, he is the person that was originally supposed to be buying it but has pulled out. He hasn't recieved any files for this skin and if you click the buy it button it does nothing. Hope that answers your question

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    it's a gread design / skin . Goodluck selling it. - Defiant to Boundaries
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    Thanks for the interest everyone the skin has now been sold

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