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    [For Sale] Unique Web Hosting Template

    Live Preview:

    In this you will recieve

    -Precoded HTML index page
    -.PSD to make changes
    -Organized image folder for all your images
    -Fonts used in the template
    -Flash buttons (must have experience with Flash for linking)
    -Template is unique, only one is being sold
    -You will own exclusive rights to the template

    The highest bidder will recieve a PM, an email and an AIM message if possible

    All transactions will be done through Paypal

    Post your BIDs here and please Post your EMAIL and your AIM address if you have one for contacting purposes

    Bidding Starts At: 25$
    BIN: 75$

    Thank you and the highest bidder wins

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    Wrong board, it should be in Graphics.

    - Tomer
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    ok thankyou sorry im still learning my way around

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    Lowering first bid to 15$ anyone interested in this hosting temp?

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    Bidding Is Closed, the template is between 2 people who made a bid for 15.00 Highest bid between the 2 of them win
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