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    Linux GUI

    I'm looking for some sort of GUI for my Linux server although I'm not sure such a program exists that does what I want.

    I currently use Putty to login via SSH and it does what I need fine, however I often forget to do little things which can complicate things, for example, I'm transferring 15GB of files via ncftp although I cannot terminate my Putty window now because I forgot to run screen.

    What I would like is some sort of program which when run logs in via SSH but starts a session of screen automatically. The program would then du /ls the directory you're in and create an interface like windows where you have icons and can retrieve properties, such as how large a file is. Rather than having to type cd all the time I could just double click where I want to go and the most recently located folders could be stored in an address bar. Ideally, this would allow for a drag and drop styled interface to your local desktop. CuteFTP has similar functionality to this but you cannot run custom commands.

    It would be nice to have such a program as mentioned above where you also have commonly used commands as buttons, such as delete a file, rename it, list processes etc.

    Maybe I'm not explaining this very well, but if such a program exists I'd be grateful to hear what it's called, thanks.

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    One possibility is Midnight Commander ( That can run in an SSH session. I use it all the time - makes file management much easier than directly via bash.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply, I'll be sure to check it out.

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    This is awesome and free prog-

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    I have screen run -r automatically whenever I log in to my machines. add the proper line to your shell login file, do up a .screenrc and done/done (I run it screen -r to not start multiple sessions, if theres no session to rejoin I know to start one, if there are multiple I usually kill the uneeded ones as my screenrc starts 4-5 prompts)

    Its worth taking the time to write up a screenrc file you are comfy with if you use screen on a regular basis.

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