Pyrexnetworks now offers vps servers w/irc processes allowed.
See below for our newest prices and offers.

Vps #1
100 Gig Transfer
5 Gig Disk space
2 Irc ips 1 non irc ip
64MB Memory
Full Root Control

Vps #2
200 Gig Transfer
10 Gig Disk space
4 Irc ips 1 non irc ip
128 MB Memory
Full Root Control

Vps #3
300 Gigs Transfer
15 Gig Disk space
6 Irc ips 2 non irc ips
256MB Memory
Full Root Control

Ideal packages for serving webpages on multiple ips at minimal cost.
Irc access is allowed with no restrictions to connectivity.
Run as many eggdrops or irc type processes as your memory will allow.
Our vps server is a dual xeon 2.8Ghz(5600mhz) with 2 gigs of ram on 100mbit connection.

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