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    Nucleuscms VS. Wordpress

    hi, guys,
    I have heard alot about both of this CMS or blogging software or what ever you guys called it, and I have download both of them as it is a free stuff, and both looked quite perfect from my point of view the features seem to be the same, as I am about to launch my personal site etc, so I am seeking some guide on which one of this should I choose, I know quite alot of people been using Wordpress, but still I am wondering what so good about it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I only use php-nuke platinum

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    Bento you're so cool

    Go with whatever you feel most comfortable with. It sounds like you'll be the only one editing anything so it's really up to you. I've seen a lot of wordpress out there and I've heard a lot of good things, but I havn't heard of nucleuscms.

    The end product is basically the same thing.

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    They are probably both very good CMS scripts, but I have been looking at using Nucleuscms for a client of mine and I think there are more addons available. So it really depends on your preference and what features you need available to you.
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    I'd recommend Wordpress or if you want a more 'full blooded' CMS you can't beat Mambo.


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    Wordpress for sure!

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    wow i just had a look at wordpress, and it looks fantastic!

    can't believe i've never heard of it before. - Cheap, Modern web design.

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    Yes, is great and highly customized!

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    its very difficult to find a CMS that has err.. design sense! :p

    I've only found 2 so far.. Subdreamer and Mambo.. and now wordpress! - Cheap, Modern web design.

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    I had a client that ask me to do a Subdreamer design, was a lot time ago but Wordpress is more customizable, IMHO!

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    yeah, i hold a subdreamer license.. its pretty good but REALLY time consuming to skin... - Cheap, Modern web design.

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    Yeah, I've been told that Wordpress is better.

    Stay away from the nuke sites.

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    Yes it's high resourses scripts that can let servers slow.
    And...they are hugly :p

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    Originally posted by Kanustep
    Wordpress for sure!
    I second that!
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