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    * [For hire] As little as $0.40 a support ticket outsourcing


    My name is Paul Tamarin, 19 years old and I live in NJ. Over the past year i have passed 3 certifications: MOS Word, MOS PowerPoint, and Comptia A+. I have experience in HTML, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Windows 2003 server and enterprise server, CPanel, Flash and many others.

    I can answer you clients support tickets for web hosting, game hosting, and vps/dedicated hosting. During the day my response time is usually below 15 minutes, since i setup notifications to my cell phone.

    My quote is
    Less than 20 tickets a day:$ 0.75 a ticket
    More than 20 tickets a day:$ 0.50 a ticket
    More than 100 tickets a day:$ 0.40 a ticket

    The price is per ticket regardless of the number of replies between the client and me, could be 1 reply from me and the ticket is solved or it can be a 20 reply string of questions, same price per ticket.

    Contact: total.assault [at]

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    Contact Rob [at] -- Im not sure if he is still in the need of support for his highly anticipated advertisement promo.. But its worth a try

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    Ok, will do

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