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    eNom Reseller: Private WHOIS?

    eNom encourages resellers to sell their ID Protect service, which costs $8.00 per year. Major eNom resellers offer the equivalent service for next to nothing. This includes WhoisGuard from NameCheap. How does this work? Does NameCheap just put your domain in a "trust", in other words they own your domain but allow you full control over it and the abillity to transfer it back to your own information at any time? How can I do the same with my eNom reseller account? Thanks.

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    When you think about it... all ICANN really wants is some way to track down who owns what domain. NameCheap simply has put together a system that does that... there is no legal entity of a separate "trust" as I understand it. In fact, I believe that all NameCheap domain names are commingled in NameCheap's main eNom reseller account. It is NameCheap's interface with the eNom API that makes all the difference.

    I briefly thought about creating a free Whois Privacy Service for all of us to use on WHT, but it's the liability that concerns me. All it takes is one nut, and suddenly you're accused of helping to hide a spammer, child pornographer or terrorist.

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    How does it work, then? How can I offer privacy whois services, while still following the ICANN rules? What exactly would I be doing? Thanks.

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