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    Serverbeach experiences?

    I'm looking at using serverbeach to serve a bunch of music files for a friend's band.

    I was planning on getting one or more of their low end dedicated servers with 100Mbps uplinks because of their 2000GB montly transfer allowance and their ~$0.30/GB overage charge.

    What are people's experiences with serverbeach?

    Do they deploy new orders quickly (and how quickly)?
    Are you able to get make full use of 100Mbps uplinks, or is their evidence that your peaks are getting chopped far short of that speed?


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    Well for the most part i had no problems with the. i did not like when they sent me a email telling me that i would have to be up at like 6 AM to shut down my server, wait for them to move it, and then finaly make sure it would come back up. isnt that what i pay them to do? i dont know maybe i was wrong i dont know. but... i am now using server matrix. and have had 0 problems. (Well almost 0) 1 Major outage when they had power problems. other then that i have plenty of advanced notice about downtimes with them. also i have never had a major complaint about them. some ppl have said that sm is over selling the bw and everything, but i have never had a problem with a lack of bw. now NAC on the other hand, it seems they are OVERSELLING the crap out of it.


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