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    Best dedicated hosting for serving big files?

    My friend's band is releasing their album free online and I'm helping them make hosting arrangements.

    We'd like to keep costs reasonable, while still delivering reliable and reasonably fast downloads.

    I'm planning on going with a dedicated server with metered bandwidth and a 100Mbps uplink instead of one of the unlimited bandwidth options for two reasons: First, its going to have a lower base cost per month. Second, by my models, the network connection on a 20Mbps server will be a bottleneck that might limit us enough during peek hours that we might actually be able to serve more downloads with a metered server.

    Right now I'm most interested in Serverbeach since I can get a basic machine with 2000TB of transfer and $0.30/GB overage, but I really know nothing about them.

    Can people suggest other providers that have similar deals on bandwidth?

    Are there other things I should be considering.

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    I use Serverbeach for one of my Server, For the last 6 Months I have had no problem with then, Never needed support, Server never going down Unless I reboot it. I would give them a A++ for service.
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    Re: Best dedicated hosting for serving big files?

    Originally posted by easman
    I can get a basic machine with 2000TB of transfer
    Wow, 2 pentabytes of data

    I think you meant 2TB or 2000GB.

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    LOL. Yeah. Rotoiti.

    Good call.

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