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    Beautiful vBulletin Skin : Aria by vBStyles for Sale!


    I had bought a license for the Aria Skin a few months ago but I never got time to materialize that site. Since vB Styles very much allows license transfers and I no longer need this skin so it is available for sale.

    The retail price for the skin is $29.99 and if you take it from me then it will cost you just $19.99.

    To see a demo and screenshots of the skin, please visit

    You will get all updates to the skin till 25-03-2006 i.e. till the time I purchased the members' area access. After that you can either keep the skin going on your site for lifetime or you can renew your members area access for just $14.99 at vBStyles (Which will make you eligible for future updates and priority support).

    Post sold now or miss the deal of a lifetime! Payments by PayPal only. For any questions, please PM me or post it in this thread.

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    Please submit information regarding your ownership of the skin to the helpdesk so that it can be verified -

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    I am sorry I didn't know that even skin licenses had to verified (I knew of vB Licenses). Will do it today Alsadair as soon as I am back from work (within a few hours).

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    Any update on the validity of the skin?

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    Originally posted by jdk
    Any update on the validity of the skin?
    Hi, I am sorry as I had a family emergency (My Grandfather suddenly fell ill) so I could not log on the internet for a few days. I am off to start a ticket about it right now.

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    Still no update?

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    According to the ticket I submitted, they had sent information to vBStyles and were waiting for their reply.

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    An offer for this skin has been made and accepted. The sale is pending till the payment is recieved. Thanks Will update this thread if it somehow doesn't get through.

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