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    Lightbulb Reseller accounts with WHMAutopilot for as low as 15.95 month !!!!

    We are currently having our site designed by one the the most popular site designers here on WHT and will be launching our site soon.

    our site:

    Included in EACH reseller account, will be a copy of WHMAutopilot for your use free !!! These are not trial editions, for as long as you have your account with us, you can use WHMAP with no fees attached to it ! (free value of $149.00 owned, $19.00 a month leased)

    Below will be our packages that we will be offering, please email or post here ( we do use WHT alot ) if your interested in possibly signing up.

    Plan 1:
    yr - 15.95m semi - 17.95m monthly 20.95
    1.5GB diskspace
    40GB bandwidth
    Unlimited email and more !!!!!

    Plan 2:
    yr - 21.95m semi - 24.95m monthly 26.95
    3GB diskspace
    30GB bandwidth
    Unlimited email and more !!!!!

    Plan 3:
    yr - 24.95m semi - 26.95m monthly 28.95
    3GB diskspace
    50GB bandwidth
    Unlmited email and more !!!!!

    Plan 4:
    yr - 37.95m semi - 39.95m monthly 42.95
    5GB diskspace
    100GB bandwidth
    Unlimited email and more !!!!!

    We will be also offering over $300 retail value of business software and accounting software for any pre-paid semi or yearly !!!!! (limited time only)

    We believe that we have a great product and a great offering, hope to see you soon. We will post our opening here on WHT first than any other sites out there.

    Thank you,

    Michael Neubauer

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    Here's some of the titles you will get for free:

    PeachTree Accounting 2005, Quicken Willmaker, Quicken Legal Business Pro, Stuffit Standard, IOrganize-It 2, IAnnotate-It 2, ICapture-It 2, Internet Cleanup, Easy Translator 4, 3001 Business & Sales Letters, Personal Record Keeper 5 and more ...

    Free with any semi or yearly plan - just pay the shipping and its yours!!!!

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    We will also allow OVER-SELLING on each reseller account just by asking for it.

    Projected GRAND OPENING will be AUG. 14th !!!!

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