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Thread: Healthy Snacks

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    Healthy Snacks

    Im on a clean diet and am wondering what anyone else who watches what they eat uses for healthy snacks when they crave some sort of goodies... I know its best to grab a liquid like crystla lite but Im looking for soem other low calorie, lo fat (unless healthy fats), low sugar snacks...

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    snacks healthy
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    Healthy? Fruit can't do much bad.

    I can't really think of any particular brand or product off the top of my head for sweets.
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    Egg Whites? Those are good for you.
    Also consider nibbling on fruits and veggiess.
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    Nuts are a good too ...
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    go for something natural and not processed. Regardless of the calorie and fat content, if it's processed, it's bad.

    Try carrot sticks or celery, or trailmix (lots of nuts BUT NOT PEANUTS = good healthy fats and proteins. peanuts absorb the pesticides they are treated with.)

    A few raisins with some apple slices is always great, as is a rice cake with some natural peanut butter.

    A handfull of granola it a tasty treat and dried fruit is pretty good as well.

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