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    Problems with OpenBlu?


    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar problems to me with OpenBlueHost.
    Recently one of my clients websites which is hosted with them suddenly went site..dead!
    Account is apparently paid according to the auto email sent from accounts, but when I try to contact them either via email or phone I get no reply.

    I am also unable to log in to check the account balance to ensure the accounts are all paid up.
    So basically I can't contact them to either get the account working, or to cancel the account.

    Very frustrating.

    I just want to know if anyone else has a similar experience with them.

    There non-existent tech support and customer service appears to need some work!

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    Have you tried all forms of support/contact here?

    Maybe their forum would be a good start, seeing if other members are having same issue or if maybe one of their reps is on the forum you can contact him directly there. Good luck.
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    i was just gonna tell you that if the site in your profile link 'Website'... anyways '' was up for me FYI

    best of luck
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    Thanks Gilbert, though my own site is hosted with another company and not OpenBlu.
    I have now also found that OpenBlu for some reason have a block on my ISP here in Australia, which makes it impossible for me to see the OpenBlu website, or any of the sites I have hosted with them..and I can't FTP to them either!

    Still waiting for some technical support from them after more than 12 hours.

    A good warning for others considering their services! I learnt the hard way!
    I get the idea now that they are a bunch of amateurs.

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    it could be for safty reasons they blocked your isp you never know like a hacker etc. and it doesnt mean there amateurs.

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    Thanks to all those who have stuck up for us on this. I have spoken with this customer numerous times and informed him that the site he was reffering to was suspeneded for late payments. We are always available by phone or email. As far as him not being able to reach our site from where he is, I sent him an email asking for a trace route from his location and have not recieved anything back. We have configured our servers to automatically reject IP's for DDOS attacks so it is possible that is what has happen but until I get some information from him I can't do anything about it.

    I have since unsuspended his site as a courtesy and he still has not paid up to date. You can see both sites up and running

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    excuse me Bluphat, but you have NEVER spoekn to me, although I have left numerous phone messages and emails requesting a response from your team.

    I have received account information for both of these accounts prior to them being suspended stating that the accounts had been auto-debited and PAID.
    I am happy to send these emails back to you for reference.

    I sent an email back to you showing the traceroute (which was none existent at the time), but didn't receive any followup from your team, apart from that everything seemed to be working again a few hours later.

    I understand that while there may have been a few communication problems via email while I could not view your site, which probably meant we were not receiving each others emails either, I cannot understand why a telephone response was not made as requested. I am sure everything could have been cleared up in a 3 minute phone call and everyone remained happy. Or even a fax would have done with the 'unpaid' accounts you now mention.

    I am not trying to ruin anyone's reputation, simply trying to receive feedback from others as I couldn't get it from your own company on request.

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    We spoke on July 30 and 31 and I sent you another email on the Aug 4th. And you replied back to my email. I am sending it to you along with a copy of this message. You said that you were paid up, but that just isn't the case. You still owe for The last payment made on that account was back in 2004/08/12 for That is a year ago. So I am very confused as to what you recieved telling you it was paid. If you want to send it to me I would be more then happy to credit your account if there as been a misunderstanding.

    I recieved no traceroute from you. Could have been a email issue but I recieved all your other emails just fine so I don't know what the problem would be there. From our side the ONLY reason your sites have been down was due to non payment, which you were made aware of and I have even turned your site back on as a courtesy as I said before.
    If you want to, send the traceroute to me again, it should be in your sent folder and I will look at it. It may give us a clue as to why you are having problems.

    As for the phone situation, I have recieved no messages from you personally. Our phone hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm EST. That is when we actually answer the phone, otherwise you can leave a message or email us (which we moniter 24/7). The reason that you may be having trouble is you are in Australia I believe so our hours are alot different. However you never expressed in your emails that you were trying to contact via phone or asked us to contact you. As far as I knew you recieved our emails to you and replied back.

    If you look at this from our point of view. Both sites are up and running even thought you have not paid (I don't know of another company that would do that), and we had line of communication via email. If there has been a lack of communication on our part we appologize but your emails never suggested that.

    You still owe for I will send you another payment reminder so you can settle up. -- Great Prices - Insane Support -- The name says it all

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