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    Finding/deleting anonymous FTP uploads

    Hey guys, I have a issue Somebody uploaded about 200 MB worth of files to my sites FTP, because somehow my host re-enabled anonymous logins and I just noticed somebody took advantage of it.

    The problem is, I can only see the files when logged into the FTP via anonymous login, when logged into cPanel, or via admin on the FTP server, and logged into the shell, and I cannot see the files when logged in this way. The permissions on the files are Owner-Read/Write, and Read only to everyone else.

    I'm at a loss as how to find and delete these files, help?

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    OK I just noticed something, when logging in anonymously to the hostname of the server that hosts my site, I get the same files located there. i.e. log into I get the same listing as

    Is this normal or some type of misconfiguration on their end?
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