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    [ Sell ] Gamertemplates PR 4


    Pagerank : 4 with multiple PR3 sub pages
    registered at

    Source Files ( Psd's, Fla's, Html, Css )
    Comes with all of the resources on the site like downloads and all of that.
    It is run by php includes.
    It has a working topsite ( )
    Forum will come with all of the posts and members ( )
    The banner also has a flash intro we just decided not to use it atm.
    ( )

    Revenue: Google Ads, and other advertisers. We get emails a lot about our advertising spots.

    Current Bid : 115$ made by a member on my forums
    Please increase the bid increments by 5$

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    I'll offer 120$
    Please email me at adultbiz at before you sell site. I like it and want to buy it so I'll try to beat any offer

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    ok cool, right now you are winning. I will notify the other person on my forum and see if he is going to bid higher even though he did say the highest he could go was 150$ but that was like 2 or 3 days ago so I will contact him and let you know.

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    New Current Bid is 135$ by the same member on my forums. I will post proof in a sec.

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    is proof. it wont let me edit my post it said so i had to make a new one

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