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    WANTED: 24x7 Phone Support/Answering service

    We are looking for company or organization to provide 24x7 phone support (or phone answering service that relays calls to an outsourced server admins).

    This is for small number of calls (about 3-4) calls a week.

    Server admins must be competent in Windows , Linux, FreeBSD, VPS, SQL, mySQL, PHP, PERL, ASP, ColdFusion servers.

    We could bundle ticket support / email support with that if we are comfortable with the company.

    Budget is $500+ depending on the offering, expertise and turn around time.

    Please email me with your proposals or packages. But must offer phone support, i'm not looking for email support by itself.


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    I can't email you yet. I wokr for a small louisiana company that does work like what you are looking for. We can do the 24/7 toll free support, our packge comes with a toll-free number with 5 mailboxes. Your number will be live 24-7 some will aways pick up the phone, if no one picksup or we can't fix the problem the call cost you zero and we will pay for an outside souce to fix the problems. We also will do live chat, email, and our new web cam support. All this cost a monthly fee of $75 dollars, plus 50 cent per call and 5 cent per min. Email, web cam, and live chat cost 5 cent a min, or $2 an email. Let me know if you need more info.

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