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    Windows with multiple domains.

    I have a windows server that is currently hosting a single domain. I would like to be able to add a few more domains on it. Would it be better for me to move them to a non domain-controler box and just with the basic windows DNS or can I host multiple domains from a domain controler that already has one domain?

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    Any particular reason why they would need a domain controller?

    Its a pretty bad idea to have a DC internet facing unless you have a really good reason and some firewalls to back you up.

    If you can move them all off to a non DC box you should do that.
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    I see no problem hosting off a DC, we host various apps such as our customer DB and Exchange Web Access from one of our Windows DC's in the office. Behind a hardware firewall pretty well locked down though.

    It's surprising what data you can pull from active directory by just being anyone completely unauthenticated, you really need to firewall the whole thing when it's in such a publicly accessible place.

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    Domain controller is different from a domain hosting. For normal servers run as a work group, not as a domain controller, I know it may sound confusing : ). Better get your provider to reinstall as a workgroup. You can definitely host multiple domains, if you are not familar, try asking your provider to install a controlpanel for eg Plesk, Helm or Hosting Controller.

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