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    having trouble with Flash...

    Hi, I'm very new to Flash, but I recently bought a surreal media template, but I want to edit the header.

    There's one problem though, I don't know how..

    I've been told that it can't be edited by using the text tool..

    It would be great if someone could edit it for me.

    Well, basically I want it to have these words on it:
    About Us
    Staff Login
    Admin Login

    And I need to know how to make the links point to something like

    If someone can't do this for me, can you guide me through it?
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    the file does not have text editable regions. this means that it will need to be changed in a photo editing software which will take along time. sorry

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    OOOOOOOO dude i wud get a refund or contact the people from surreal media, my friend purchased one of theyre templates and they dont make the text editable, i dont know why they do that but its one flaw in theyre great desingz, contact them and get them to send u a blank header for the template you bought

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    Well, I guess I could do that... But, they also provide a blank navigation bar, but the trouble with that is I don't know how to convert to flash..

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    I have downloaded your files, the thing is I dont see is what this particular flash file is supposed to do...

    In otherwords, I dont see any effects when moused over or selected therefore why is it in flash at all?

    Perhaps you have a working example online?
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    I don't think I do.. The mouse over effect is a glow as seen at

    And I believe it just links to pages (ex: click on news and goes to news.php)

    I see what they're doing... they want additional fees for them to edit it. Well, I don't want to give them more money.. so I really want to know how to do this myself.. anyone know how the flash file is set up link-wise and effect-wise?
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    yes, the links are setup by using this:

    on( rollOver ){
    on( rollOut ){
    on( press ){

    to change it select the little white circles above the image after you have double clicked into the file. although this is not much help as you still need to change all the text. to change the link, select in normal mode (action script) getURL("matches.php") or the file you one you want and change it to hit what you want.

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