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    Linux Server with 700 clients For Sale

    I have a server with this detalis:
    CPU: Dual Xeon 2.8
    Ram :1Gb
    Hard: 2*160 Gb IDE
    40Gb DiskSynk
    100mb link
    RHE 3
    Cpanel 10
    Gold Plan in
    I have over 700 clients on this server and want sell it.
    all of my clients is iranian.
    I have about 10 resellers that pay 330$/mo.
    my clients is on this server about 2 years.
    I have 20 renew in month minimum.
    my plans is
    50mb 30$/yr
    100mb 40$/yr
    500mb 50$/yr
    please offer me a price for this server and clients

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    What is the annual revenue from all these clients?

    When you mean 20 renew in month minimum, is that in the next month or all 12 month's?

    So are you guaranteeing 20 people will renew or 240?
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    I mean next month 20 renew.
    I guarantee 500 user renew their host.

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    can you PM me the URL and some more details please
    Thanks for looking!

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    Please also PM me with some details like Domain name, revenue.


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    Please PM me with some full details, we are very interested, is there a BIN, or asking price

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    Plz give the URl to all so that we all can come to know which is the site and wht is the gurenty that all these guys will renew their accounts. Also would like to know the process you follow to support them ... Do they know that you are selling it to some one. :: Best in support and quality

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    PM or email me an NDA. I am interested. What is the opening bid and BIN price

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    Please pm or email me an NDA. Im very interested and would like more information. Thankyou

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    One day i'm going to write up a "what you need to say to accurately describe your host for sale" and get it stickied ....

    how many clients on each plan ?

    what are the complete specifications (disk, transfer, resources, overselling allowed, total no of domains allowed etc) for the resellers.

    what are the complete specifications (disk, transfer, resources, emails, databases, total no of domains allowed etc) for the ordinary accounts.

    how many different clients (rather than hosted accounts) ?

    any "special-deals" offered to any of the clients that would materially affect the amount they are charged ?

    do the clients know of the sale ?

    how many are *due* to be renewed each month breakdown for the next 12 please - obviously if most are due next June it's worth less than most in August .

    did you sell the domain names ? how many ? what price ? which registrar ? is the registration account included ?

    is your business website design, domain and all domains use for nameservers included ? whats the page rank ?
    how many of your business domains are included which point to the server (variations of the name etc) ?

    what is the actual transfer and disk usage for the current month?

    any recent downtime ?

    how may IPs alocated and how many in use ?

    any SSL certificates hosted, how may, did you supply them, which authority issued them ?

    how many support tickets do you get per month (avg last 3 months if possible)

    any software licences which are transferrable included ?
    whm-ap ? whoiscart ? modernbil ? client-exec ?

    what are the client payment methods (paypal, posted cheque, cash at the office, credit-card) ? is invoicing an automated or manual process ? If auto-recurring is the transaction account included.

    do you advertise in iran ?

    how quickly did you want to transfer the business, how much time are you willing to offer in the handover for procedural assitance ? are you willing to sign a non-compete agreement so the new owner is not just finding your next web-hosting venture.

    oh, and can you PM me the URL of the site please.
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    Also how are you billing them? Now the usa will not let any credit card processors or paypal or any merchant account bill a iranian company due to terrist act, so what source to billing could a usa company use?

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    please pm me your bid start

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