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    Inexpensive Host with Dedicated IP?

    Hi there, I've been perusing the forums and doing a bunch of research for the last couple of days and I'm wondering if y'all can help me out. Basically, what I'm looking for is the following:

    - Fairly inexpensive and generally reliable host ($30-50/year)
    - Which I can use to run a small website for my family (hosting pictures, videos, maybe some blogging, a forum, etc.). Script installation via control panel would be nice, but not necessary. I am pretty comfortable installing and config'ing PHP software.
    - Storage and date transfer don't really matter too much, but I guess I'd like at least 200MB storage
    - Would like secure e-mail access with a decent to look at and work with webmail client, preferrably accessed through Need POP3 as well.
    - Would like dedicated IP for anon FTP uploads (so family members can upload photos and such). I don't want to create seperate FTP accounts for 20 different people.
    - I would like mysql, php, etc.
    - control panel doesn't matter to me

    If I didn't have the requirement listed in bold, I would have already made up my mind (doorhost, site5, dreamhost, etc.), but finding someone with a "basic" webhosting package that also includes a dedicated IP is very, very difficult, and purchasing it as an add-on seems to bump most packages out of my price range.

    Any ideas?

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    For your budget it may be hard to find a host that will offer you a dedicated IP. The host will have to pay for the IP range so may charge you. Take a look in the offers section or around the site.

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    It would be more secure to create FTP accounts for all family members instead of allowing them to connect through anon FTP.

    Best of luck with your search

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    I guess the entry plan at would be $45/year total ($25 for the plan and $20 for the dedicated IP). The storage is only 100MB though.

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    Hi, animi12

    WN-Ali is right, it would be more secure to create FTP accounts for all famlily members after all you dont want anyone to have rights to all your pictures or movies.

    Good Luck

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    Feel free to look around the Web Hosting Offers and research them.
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    Thanks tekster, but I've done that already and could not find anything that matched my requirements.

    I think I am just going to give up on the dedicated IP.

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    Hello, animi12

    Dont give up, if you dont see it advertised here ask the host they can help you out by making a special package for you. But like I said If you dont see it, Ask for it .

    Good Luck

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    Have you tried emailing the sales departments of hosts you like and working out a custom plan?
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    I think I am just going to give up on the dedicated IP.
    Maybe creating a regular FTP account and giving them all the (same) username and password would get the job done?

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    Your budget is a bit low, but many hosts will offer dedicated ip at a seperate cost, I know of a few doing so for maybe $2-3 extra / mo. which isnt a lot.
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    A number of hosting companies offer a dedicated IP address but it would be more like $9.95/month,which is really not bad.
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    so just expect an extra 25 dollars a year
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    Yes most good hosts will provide a dedicated IP at $1 or $2 US / month price. Increase your annual budget there might hosts who can give you a custom package with dedicated IP.
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    You don't need an IP to setup anonymous FTP access on most hosts.
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    This is correct, I know many hosts don't advertise dedicated IP addresses (such as ourselves) but offer for usually $1 + a month.

    Also, it is not necessary to have a dedicated IP address for FTP access. Many hosts offer anonymous ftp access via you simply need to activate it!

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