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    Mid Summer Savings - Designer Looking for Work

    Hello everyone.
    It is now late July and Astereo is trying to take as many clients as possible within the last month before returning to school.

    What I Do
    • Webdesign
    • Print
    • Media
    • Small Graphics
    • Photography
    • Logo's
    • Forum Mod Installations
    • CD Art (CD Packing/Booklet Designs, Etc)
    • Band Sites

    Who I Am
    Astereo didn't just appear out of nowhere. I have an extensive web background of numerous projects and sites, and I have years of experience in web designing. I documented our history as well as my method's of webdesign for your enjoyment, just visit and read more on the about section.

    Why Astereo
    Astereo offers fully affordable design completed in a very short amount of time. We don't fool around. Seriously, we have yet to have a disappointed client. We work with you throughout the whole process, contacting you frequently along the way.

    Previous Work

    Last Thoughts
    If you're not in the need of a custom design, you should consider the astereostudiopack, which is a collection of 8 PSD's. It is still for sale and and now down to just $50!

    Best regards.
    [email protected]

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    yes i wana do the same

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