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    Recommend an open source script please.

    hey guys,

    1st off not 100% sure if this is the right forum, I apologize if it isn't.

    I am looking for a "members area" type script. Where once people sign up they can access information/pages, as well as a helpdesk and forum.

    This is not for a webhosting site.

    If there is also a way for people to signup, via paypal/2checkout that would be even better.


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    You may want to try - I dont know if you're gonna find something without modifying it.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks yeah I looked there.. no real luck.

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    You can build a members-only area pretty quickly with Lampshade. It handles user authentication, multiple security levels, and session management for you. It's well-documented, also.

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    I think the best way to do this is to use a popular cms like PostNuke. It is fairly secure and it meets all of your specifications.

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    Use Mambo. It is very nice and popular.

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    phpnuke will also let you set members area, integrate forums, subscriptions, etc.

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