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    safe/legit to buy programs on Ebay?

    I'm searching for anti viruses on Ebay and I'm finding cheaper prices than the rest of the competition. The seller has almost 100% positive feedback for these products but the one thing he does is not include the box. He says the cds and everything are 100% sealed and unopened and the serial numbers not used.

    Is this too good a deal to be legit. What does he get from not sending the boxes? Possibly a rebate?

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    I bought 2 copies of Norton Internet Suite (or something to that effect) that had just the sleeves and serial numbers. The CDs looked to be legit copies and I had absolutely no problem installing, registering, and subscribing my software.

    Just try to look for someone with a good amount of feedback (100% means little when they only have a total of 10 feedbacks) that is in above 98%, and you should be fine.
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    Honestly I would never buy it off of eBay. Follow P-Nut's great advice, and also look at their date when they registered, also plays another keyrole, past items they purchased/sold all plays a big role. Hope you get a good one!
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    If someone is selling a piece of software substantially cheaper than everyone else, there is an extremely high probability that the software is not legitimate. The thing to keep in mind at that point is this, if they are willing to rip off the software company, they will also be far more likely to rip you off as well.
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    it is also cheaper not sending the box *lotsa empty air* but I've never thought of the rebate idea..

    exactly what p-nut said.

    - check his total feedback (100+ would be a good number)
    - check what he has sold before
    - email the seller

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    I buy some software from time to time on ebay. There are many legitimate sellers who just sell the CD/Serial. I do not need the box, instructions, manuals etc, which is a cost saving.

    I also buy only from established sellers with a long selling period and a high 99%+ feedback rating. So far I never had problems and never got an illegitimate item. If there is negative feedback on the seller, read it and see what kind is it. If there are numerous complaints about illegitimate software, then that would be a seller to avoid.

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    Thanks for the good advice everyone. It seems like there are some probably legit ones out there and some good reasons that they don't include boxings. The seller has a very good rating among 1000 people. I'll just have to see how I feel in the end about risking it. Thanks again.

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    Just follow the usual ebay buyer tips as posted above, check seller feedbacks, past items bought/sold etc.. and try contacting him as well and see what comes up. Good luck.
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    I wouldnt buy software from ebay, never know if its legal or not, also there are more things you shouldnt buy used.

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    Who says anything about used?
    There are a number of reasons that this software is cheaper through E-Bay. That's how I bought the latest NWN expansion actually, paid about $10 for it. I got that, plus the serial, which is all I needed. No fancy box, or anything of the like.
    Now, WHY do they sell them cheaper? Probably because it's cheaper to GET them for them, IE: they buy direct from the manufacturer, or they buy them overseas, and have them shipped, which is a lot cheaper in some cases.
    As well, you're not paying for all the cardboard crap, you're getting a disc and serial.
    Any time you buy software through ebay though, you need to have some sort of backup to paypal ready. For example, I pay through paypal, but the funds come out of my bank directly, so if there's any issues, I can get ahold of the bank directly, and they're pretty good about things. Paypal, generally is not.
    As well, the other good advice always works. Contact the seller, check their feedback, etc.
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