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    Plesk Compatability

    Just wanted to first say, this web site has helped me a great deal over the last couple of years. I am Grateful!

    I am now at the point of offering Hosting Solutions and I am a little confused. Long story short.

    We have 3 Powerful Dedicated machines.

    Bandwidth and strorage is in the Terabyte fields. I got that covered. We were provided with Plesk Reloaded (newest version) and we chose Linux Red Hat. I have it all figured out except for the auto billing part of it. Since we started I have been manually setting up accounts which is what I used to do when I ran a private 'windows server 2000' server from home on a dedicated line I payed for.

    Now obviously to survive I need an auto billing script that is compatable with plesk, or can I run a seperate billing script all together in another directory? Plesk should have a module that includes this already since we paid for it and they don't. The SSL Certs and secured accounts we have are already set up via PayPal, Merchant account from our actual Banks and a couple of others.

    I do not understand the steps I now need to take to get a script like PHPCoin, Modern Bill (which apparently has bugs from what I read on this site), Whois Cart, X Cart etc. to allow auto sign up, accept the credit card information, send them the activation link etc. All that good stuff. Even verified electronic cheque which seems better then credit card.

    If we use paypal we have to use their chunk of code per package we input as a deal and it electronically goes through them, then goes to the client saying whatever it is and then us. This is where I am confused on how the auto sign ups work and what is needed to make them work.

    I am getting tired of manually setting this up. I have only started hosting about 3 weeks ago and I have already 75 accounts going. Its apparent they understood before hand I needed a payment first before setting them up.

    We are just seeking the proper steps from you Gurus here on Web Hosting Talk and what we should use that is compatable with Plesk.

    Thanks in adavnce - Shaun

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    You may want to check into their other product, HSPComplete which is a hosting automation package which works with Plesk, to avoid integration and compatibility issues.
    HSPcomplete is the most comprehensive full business life-cycle hosting automation solution available. Manage hardware, OSs, applications, backups, IP pools, customers, resellers, e-commerce storefronts and customer payments all from a single system. It houses a very powerful and extremely flexible billing system fully integrated with automated account provisioning scalable to tens of thousands of accounts. Additionally it is able completely manage the industry’s leading VPS (Virtuozzo) and Shared Hosting (Plesk) platforms.

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    Ty kindly.

    I actaully saw that just before you posted and to be honest when I called to get information about that the lady on the other end was very rude to me because I didn't know what I was looking for.

    Excuse me for learning. I wonder if she needs a good VB script submitted to her, just kidding, I haven't malaciously scripted in a few years now.

    I have a few other options I checked into and I found this site which seems to be complete Plesk relation. However they over charge for domain licenses.


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    I'm sorry you got bad feeling from talking with our sales office. I would be happy to answer your questions on HSPcomplete. Alternatively, you could use our online chat which is linked directly to the website (see banner in the left menu).

    The main idea of HSPcomplete is that you get everything you would ever need pre-integrated in one solution out of the box. Another thing - since HSPcomplete and Plesk are both produced by SWsoft, you will not find better integrated billing solution for Plesk than HSPcomplete.
    Oleg Shaikhatarov
    SWsoft Inc.

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