Hi Folks,

Please help me out of a significant, headache decision-making difficulty.

In May I graduated from a university. After applying to many job openings, finally Iíve got two job offers. These two jobsí positions and salaries are almost the same. One is in St. Louis, Missouri and the other in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Donít know much about these two cities and areas. My question is which city and the area is generally better in regard to working and living surroundings? Which one is more suitable for a small business as I also do a web hosting? Right now the web hosting cannot make enough money to me, so I have to get a job. In years to come, if my web hosting can make enough money, Iíll quit job and put all time on web hosting business. Yesterday via Forbes Lists http://www.forbes.com/lists/ , I saw Oklahoma City ranks much higher than St. Louis in regard of starting and doing business, business and living surroundings. But St. Louis is bigger with much more population, with more opportunities?

Itís very hard to finally decide which place to go. The decision will affect many aspects of my life. Iíve been to both cities, looking around. Both places have edges. I feel Oklahoma City is pretty neat, middle-sized, looks like with fewer crimes, and St. Louis is a pretty big urban metro area with more social life and entertainment, but looks like with more crimes.

In the long run, which one Iíd better choose?

You guys are experienced and smart, please help me choose one of the two. Have to decide these several days, no more time is left. Urgent advice is needed.

Thank you very much indeed!