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    audiovideoweb streaming payment solutions

    Hi all,

    We're thinking about using for streaming an annual 10-day event and charging several PPV packages. The client putting the event on has a merchant account, but it's not setup for online transactions, and even if it was, audiovideoweb only gives you four choices if you go through their shopping cart solutions: CCBill, iBill, WorldPay and PayPal.

    I've seen bad things about iBill withholding money. CCBill wants 14.5% of the gross?!?! and looks to be very porn oriented, and WorldPay wants a $399 setup fee! (Isn't 3.5% + .50 per transaction enough?) This leaves PayPal, which we will definitely use, but I sure wish there was something else.

    A search for Audiovideoweb doesn't bring up much on here, so I guess it's good that they haven't pissed too many people off.

    Would it be hard to put another DRM/shopping solution in place and still use them to stream?

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    CCBill / iBill are process mainly for adult companies. iBill has not had much success since First Data told them to locate another transaction processor.

    CCBill is stable - but yes, they mainly process for adult-type businesses. Worldpay is mainly for international merchants.

    You might contact their sales team to see if they have any plans for integrating other payment gateways or maybe ask them to see how hard it would be to integrate

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    2checkout has been cheap and good for many companies. Fraud prevention is most important thing as chargebacks have been a major concern for online traders recently.

    I'll suggest you to opt for 2co and paypal if you are not expecting many payments in a day. If you are expecting to get more than 20 - 30 paymentsin a day then using paypal alongwith or worldpay would be the best option.

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    Thanks for the replies. I directed an e-mail to their billing dept. as directed by sales, pointing out our concerns with their payment solutions and asking about integrating with other gateways such as or LinkPoint.

    We're pretty strapped for time, though, so we'll probably just stick with PayPal this time around, measure the results, then plan for the next event accordingly.

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