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    Site5 vs Websitesource

    My current hosting company has new owners and new hosting plans. All plans are doubled in price now. Yes, they have more to offer, but I don't need all that.

    So I'm looking for a new host. I'm tired of moving around all the time. I tried giving new companies a chance, but they always end up dead of sold to someone else. That's why I want to go with a more stable company now.

    I have three domains that I would like to manage in one package.

    I was thinking of going with Site5 and the Horsepower plan or either with Websitesource and the All in one plan.

    Are their any reasons why I should pick one company over the other?
    Any other remarks about the companies are welcome as well.
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    Depends on your needs, but Site5 has been great for me. I had a problem about 2 weeks ago with the server I was on, but it was quickly under control.

    As for websitesource, (I've been browsing for a new VPS for a friend) I've heard several bad things about them, but no personal experience.

    Good luck finding a host.
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