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    Arrow For Sale - 2 Years Old - Revenue for sale
    Free doll icons for aim!

    Age of site: Almost 2 years old

    The site was originally using active x pop ups to make a majority of its money, however I decided to stop using active x. For the last 2 1/2 months I have been using FastClick, Casale Media, and Azoogle Ads.

    May Profit: $788.94
    June Profit: $989.61
    July 1-24: $869.81
    Full July Estimate: About $1,123.50

    *Profits went up as banners and pop ups were optimized on page. I can sent screenshots to anyone that PMs me.

    Costs for running the site is only hosting. I have my own server to run all my sites on.

    The site receives about 3,000 to 4,000 unique visitors a day with 8,000 to 12,000 page views. The traffic comes from link trades and search engines.
    Full stats can be seen @

    The site is very well established in search engines:
    For the term "aim dolls"
    Ranks #1 in Google.
    Ranks #1 in Yahoo.
    Ranks #1 AOL.

    For the term "doll icons"
    Ranks #1 in Google.
    Ranks #4 in Yahoo.
    Ranks #1 in AOL.

    For the term "free doll icons"
    Ranks #1 in Google.
    Ranks #1 in Yahoo.
    Ranks #1 in AOL.

    For the term "aim icons"
    Ranks #7 in google
    Ranks #10 in Yahoo
    Ranks #7 in AOL.

    There are more listings, but i think these search engine listings are the most important.

    Updating the site:
    I rarely update the site, but the site has continue to keep consistant traffic. In order to update you can upload icons into folders on the server and the script will automatically list them on the site.

    Asking Price:
    I am looking for offers in the upper $x,xxx to lower $xx,xxxx range.

    Send offers or questions by PM, EMAIL: theonlymo[AT], or AIM: moe8585

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    Current bid is $5k.

    BIN is $14k

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    we are interested . Our bid is 5.5k
    Terry Martin-Lead Developer

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    Highest bid is now $6k

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    I have responded to all pms.

    End date will probabily be the middle of next week. If a high enough bid is not reached i will post it on ebay.

    I have lowered the BIN price to $12k

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