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    Design Project Management Software - Comments and Suggestions

    We are in the process of developing specialised design project management software for Freelancers and Design Agencies. There are two versions planned, a Freelancer version and a Design Agency version. The basic features of both would include a dashboard, project management, a progress bar, file upload, a correspondence component (ticketing, messaging, history), billing and client areas, a project progress RSS feed and the ability to leave notes ON concepts/revisions in a way similar to flickr.

    The Design Agency version would also have a Project Manager/Head Designer area whereby different designers can be assigned to different projects and the billing system would be integrated to ModernBill or run standalone.

    The Freelance version would be based around one Designer with many Clients/Projects, and would contain features aimed toward the freelancer to ensure that setting the system up and using it will take less time than actually designing! The billing system would be integrated with PayPal, and would have automatic invoice & receipt generation, as well as automatic PayPal payment requests. Other payment modules would also be included, such as 2CheckOut.

    Clients would be able to login and view their project progress, comment upon design revisions and correspond with the designers / design team.

    In the process of the development of the project, we would like to hear from the design industry we would like to know what features you would like in each of the version, what problems you encounter in management and how we can solve them for you.
    Adam Harris
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    This sounds like an exciting project!

    We have a small web design business in Mexico and even though we know english, some of our customers don't. Because of this, the ability to translate the system into other languages would be a must.

    Do you have some pictures of the site or more information about it?

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    The project is still being thought out, but should hopefully be out in beta within 2 - 3 months. So still no screens - but it will be sexy !

    To make things clear, I'm working on this with Adam by the way ..

    Adel Zakout

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    Just keep us posted on news about it then!

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    1. Multiple languages and assign a language to an user.
    2. Public review link: so we can send a link to the customer and he can do all the reviews without login.
    3. Comments system
    4. Attach files to a project, because we may want to give source files to the customer.
    5. Task, and predefined task: for each new project we need to add allways many things (for example)
    -. Project evaluation,
    -. Request pending information
    -. Make a mockup
    -. Mockup review process
    -. Desing process
    -. Quallity control
    -. send for customer approval or final reviews
    -. Finish
    6. Qoutation and approval system tight with payment
    7. Customer satisfaction survery + testimonial system

    Well, this is some quick ideas

    Tell me where I sing up ? Can't wait to have it
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Sweet !!! Thanks for the suggestions, will definately have them in mind. No where to sign up yet, I should probably put up a mailing list sign up form soon.................

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