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    Vps with 256 MB Means What ?

    i am confuse about the package listed i found

    64 - 128 - 256

    and Some

    64 to 1GB
    125 to 1Gb Brusted

    What does it's mean, and how many sites running smoothly on it

    Help me

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    If you're looking at Linux based VPS', it means that you have a certain guaranteed amount of RAM (i.e. 64, 128, 256) and you have burstable amount of RAM (i.e. 64 MB to 1 GB). Guaranteed amount RAM means that you will always have that amount of RAM available on your VPS - no matter what. Burstable RAM means that if there is free RAM on the server and your VPS needs some additional RAM, it can burst the amount that is available on the server. In this case, if there is more than 1 GB of RAM available on the server (free), your VPS would only be able to burst up to 1 GB of RAM.

    As for the Windows based VPS', it's not possible to burst RAM, so you'll only have guaranteed amount of RAM available.
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