Installation Only - $20
Send a message via PM/email/AIM for a quick, professional installation.


Full Service Configuration/Testing
CybexHost can handle every part of your ModernBill install, configuration, order form integration and testing up to the point at which you "go live" . All jobs are delivered after full testing and evaluation.

Please contact me with any inquiries while using the below fee schedule as a reference. All items below can be combined to create a "job," or they may be purchased individually to address more specific needs.
  • Evaluation - $30
    - Review of your current setup; produces a report on your order process, execution, and billing.
  • Server Preparation - $45
    - Ready the server for the requirements of ModernBill and specific modules. Pricing may vary.
  • Installation - $39
    - Full script installation on a server that already has all requirements fulfilled.
  • Configuration - $55
    - Includes setup of a payment module, a registrar module, and a server module. Additional modules may come at a greater cost.
  • Package Setup - $25
    - Setup of all of your hosting plans and packages for use in multiple order forms/groups
  • Order Form Integration - $35
    - Your default order form will be built around a template of your existing site.
  • Automation - $25
    - Utilize CRON jobs to automate batch functions, invoicing, order creation, suspension/deletion, and termination.
  • Testing - $45
    - Testing of all aspects of MB. Chose this option if you did the install & setup yourself.
  • Migration - $quote
    - Transfer your clients and packages from another billing script.
    Full Package - $quote
    - Provide a detailed explanation of what you need done and what you want to be able to do, a quote will follow. This option is more affordable than the per service items offered above. A typical all encompassing package prices at roughly $160-200.

Note: If you need the work done ASAP, feel free to make payment via PayPal to billing[at] and follow-up with an email detailing all logins for the requested modules. Root passwords will be needed for server preparation and a few server modules as well.

* All prices are in USD and payable via Credit Card or PayPal before work begins. *

A large reference list is available upon request. You may also view my posts and history at the ModernBill Support Forums (