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    Managed Server = Layeredtech + geeks4help or Fastservermanagement ?

    1. I think I am going the Layeredtech + Fastservermanagement (fsm) or Geeks4help route to get a managed server. What do you think? From Layeredtech I want to get a P4 with 1 GB RAM, I think that's fairly enough for a community with 100 to 200 users on the same time.

    2. a) First I wanted to go with servstra, as they are a reseller from layeredtech with very good reputation and offer also management services, but they do not act proactive (if my server is down, I have to tell them, they do not bring it back to life on their own. Which is a joke in my eyes, I am not looking 24 h if my server runs fine).

    2. b) Do you have good experiences with fsm? Will they harden my server as well? They are very cheap, but they also have a very special target group (just red hat, it's clone - centos with cpanel), so that maybe it's possible to give service for a price of 30$.

    2. c) What's with geeks4help. There's a setup fee from 50 $ and there are two different plans for 30$ and 60$. Is the cheaper plan okay for me?

    2. d) Problematic for both management companys maybe that I am living in europe and I have a different time zone. Do they offer support when it's 4 o' clock in the night in USA?

    If you could say yes, no or maybe, I would be very glad if you give me your opinion about that. I want also to say thank you to you all, this community really helps to find information about servers
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    2. b) As much as I have seen now, fastservermanatement ist not doing proactive security management. So I will not choose them. What do you think about geeks4help?

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    2b: I have been a customer of FSM. I wouldent say they are the best, but for the price you pay its a great idea to keep another set of eyes on your server

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