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    Hosting performance tester


    Could anyone advise a well-known online webhost performance tester, please? i have heard that there are some testers that can test hosts by pinging them from different parts of the world and prepare a comparison table or benchmark.


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    I just dont know what you mean about performance tester.
    but if you mean uptime tester and testing protocols status, I know is good.

    Also, why you asked the question in VPS forum?

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    Thanks for your advise, Hamed.
    As I am looking for a performance tester to test my vps account, I have posted the question under this forum.

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    Well ping times are going to be different wherever you are in the world, that's not a very accurate way to work out performance, throughput is probably a better test.

    If you upload a reasonable size file to your web server and post the URL here, I'm sure we'll be able to download the file from a few locations and give you an idea on performance.

    You might also want to run Unixbench on your server to see how the VPS itself performs, as well as the network.


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    See to get unixbench, you can then compare your performance with others in the thread.

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