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    Pipex power failures yet again in London


    We've had cause to post in the past about the problems that HostEurope, now Pipex, have had in providing power to the London Park Royal DC. Now, in yet another incident, the problems with this DC are once again evident with a new set of failures and Pipex problems.

    To our knowledge, there have been 4 or 5 incidents at Park Royal to cause loss of power to all or part of the DC for an extended period of time. In the early days when the datacentre was hosteurope, there was no provision for backup power at all, and failures from the grid caused total shutdown of the DC on at least one occasion. Despite the promises that this would never happen again, since having backup power, there have still been failures of the backup system to function as it should.

    The latest incident is ongoing. A power failure last night triggered the backup system, however several cabinets remain unpowered by the backup power, and are down.

    The problems at Pipex, which are not confined to just power issues, continue to show a degree of negligence and incompetence that surely has no place in the hosting market, and we feel should serve as a warning to anyone considering pipex as a host.

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    is it because oif the terrorist attack?

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