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    Recover hostname in Javascript

    Hello all,
    I déserpérement try to recover the name of a file in this form: \\servername\folder\file.
    I use a form of the type: < INPUT TYPE="file "NAME="file" size=' 30 ' > but I recover the path of the file with his letter of mapping like : H:/folder/file .
    The problem is that this file can be located on a distant folder, so i need to recover this path with the name of the server .
    If you have ideas, thanks a lot.

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    A file input field UPLOADS the file to the server, the path shouldn't be passed at all really, but if it is, it means nothing to you, since the server is not the client and thus the filesystems are (most likely) completely different.

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    Thanks for your answer,

    I'm agree with you, and here's my problem. I don't know how to get the hostname of a file enter by a user with his letter of mapping even if i use the browse().click with javascript

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