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    Godaddy - some questions


    I am thinking of using godaddy to host 4 websites as I have seen some positive reports about them here and they seem stable.

    I have asked them but would like to have some feedback from here too about the following questions :

    - can I host 4 different sites with 4 different domain names with the same hosting plan ?

    - if I take the SSL, will it be valid for the 4 sites or just for one ?

    - the possibility to use Zencart ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Godaddy is horrible for hosting!!!

    Do search on the forum and see for your self what most people say about their hosting services.

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    Loulong -- just so that you know dedicated SSL is valid for single domain name.

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    - can I host 4 different sites with 4 different domain names with the same hosting plan ?

    Better to ask that question to their Customer Support
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    I think you'll find cheaper plans than GoDaddy for hosting multiple sites. There are some web hosting plans that allow you to host multiple domains with one shared hosting plan but it is not common. Usually, with shared hosting, companies will only let you host a single domain with each site.

    I have personal experience with Site5 and so I can commend them as a solid host that has shared hosting plans with multiple domain pointers.
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    Please use the SEARCH function of WHT.
    Google search -

    Now, I would have to say 'Stay away' from godaddy as far as hosting. They crowd too much on one box and support just plain "sucks"

    I would look at or

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    OK, guess I mixed the good reports from DNS to hosting....

    I must say Site5 looks nice. Are they a reseller though ? And I must say the 2.5 $ by extra GB of transfer is slightly threatening.
    Wonder if changing program is allowed (for the beginning the basic situation is more than enough).
    And they don't seem to offer much for ecommerce (merchant account....).

    Other positive opinions on them ?

    Could godaddy give me troubles if I buy DNS from them but host at Site5 (or any other host) ?
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    godaddy is fine to register, but DON'T host there, that's all i'm saying

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    You can register your domain with Go Daddy and host your web sites on any other place. That is no problem.

    To answer a few of your questions:

    1) SSL Certificate only works for one domain at a time, you will also need a dedicated IP Address. So make sure to ask for one before you sign up.

    2) Hosting 4 web sites is possible but depends of the hosting regulations. Check how many add on domains they allow. You can also do domain redirection and make your web sites on separate folders. But be sure before you sign up, ask your host.

    3) About the shopping cart you should be able to use it as long as your host complys with the requirements. So check the requirements first and then see if the host has all those features.

    4) good luck!
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    I hear go things about the domain service for godaddy, but not to much in the hosting area.

    You should just look around here and you'll find a better host I believe. Use the search function like others stated, and do your own search on google.

    You can also check with the BetterBusinessBureua for arecord of previous complaints if there were any.

    I would test out the support prior before signing up to any service. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    True, SSL's are good for only one domain. That's how they function.

    There is no limit to the number of domains that can be hosted on a plan, so 4 won't be a problem.

    As for Zen Shopping Cart, I'm not sure what it's requirements are, so it's a bit tough to say...

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