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    Webhosting that I can upgrade from cheap to very expensive with ease

    I'm building an eCommerce website based on selling MP3s. I need web hosting for it (of course) but it's not as simple as just getting what I predict I'll need.

    As the business isn't launched yet, and it relies on members adding their own MP3s, I can't tell what kind of webhosting I might well eventually need. I need to start with cheap hosting, and then the theory is that once more MP3s are sold the money can be invested in a bigger server/web hosting package and so on. However, in that case, I need a hosting which is easily upgradeable and ranges from reasonably cheap but good hosting to more expensive hosting that would cater for the biggest possible success my business could undergo.

    So, is there anywhere anyone could reccomend? Could anyone reccomend ways to find such hosting? Are there any alternatives?


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    most of hosters will allow you easy upgrade you current tariff. but, generally speaking cheap never not be a equal good and/or power. you will get bad support or many downtime, or you will get smaller resource for price less than 3-7 USD per month (this may be vary from country and DC, but in most case this is true).
    regarding offers, you may check hosters offers in approriate forum section or use Host Quote for creating small tender.
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    Look for ahost using a good control pannel, Cpanel, DirectAdmin, etc. They will be able to upgrade you very easily.

    Try or

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