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    What technique have been used to build this site? Layer ? iframe?

    Only the center of the this page changes while visitors navigate thru the site. Any iframe used here? If your answer is negative, what technique is used to have this effect? Is it called ' loading layer'? What technique do you recommend to build this kind of page?Why? To me, the most important factors are the loading time of web pages and the size of web materials.

    I know CSS is used here. What is the use of CSS for building this kind of page? Is it necessary to learn CSS before building it?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Looks like the whole page actully reloads, actually... look at the html... nothing special
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    At a quick glance looks like some frames (not iframes), some flash, but mostly its the CSS. THough only the center changes, as already stated, the whole page reloads. As for the use of CSS, hit google and do a little reading. CSS is great for layout and other things in a page, but as with anything there is a learning curve thats proportional to how well you wish to be able to implement it.

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    Oh I see. Thank you! A few more questions.
    Why don't use iframe?
    I know older versions of browsers don't support iframe. How about CSS?
    Does it take longer time to load pages with iframe?
    To make this effect, which one is better ? CSS or iframe?
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    CSS will be better, but with CSS you need test your page in each popular browser, because each browser can support or not support some CSS tags.
    You may found many CS editor which have teser inside for this. For example TopStyle editor.
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