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    good hosts on.......

    does anyone know/recommend a good host with: cpanel/plesk/the like, php5 and mysql4.1 or higher (both a must). and with aorund 30mb space and 300mb bandwidth. costs around $1/ mo? (really really tight budget)

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    You realise that after all the the host will make about $0.35c profit ?

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  3. #3 can give you 25mb space and 500mb Transfer not exactly what you want but pretty close. and thats for $1

    you wouldnt belive how many times ive seen that url and its the first time i've visited.

    Havent used them myself, but try the search and something will probably come up.
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    lol i did say around $1 ~.~ i really meant $1 to $2

    ya but php5 and mysql4.1 or higher is a must. everything else can be optional.

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    Any specific reason you want php5 ? I have seen errors(few zend and ioncube related) with php4.4 not sure if php5 is bug free :-/

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    I think your budget is too low if you want it to be a "good host" which was one of you criteria.
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    I would think that most of these people starting hosts offering 1$ a month, are probably are immature and have no business experience, so going with such offer I personally don’t think that they’ll provide you true service and support, later or sooner they might close the company putting you in trouble.

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    It depends on what the plans offer etech. $1/month that includes mySQL access is way too little. We offer a budget plan that is just a straight html offering and I know many other companies here do the same. They are great to fill servers that have big sites on them, they just act as server fillers at that point since they hold no bandwidth/xfer. For mySQL access you are going to have to look at paying a little more for "good" service and you will usually have to pay annually so the host can avoid merchant fees.

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    Okay. Can everyone list their budget packages that has php5 and mysql 4.1 or higher? both is a must because my scripts are php5 and mysql 4.1 or above only.

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    Originally posted by Tryblithe
    Okay. Can everyone list their budget packages that has php5 and mysql 4.1 or higher? both is a must because my scripts are php5 and mysql 4.1 or above only.
    If you had read the rules you would have noticed that hosting requests are not allowed, nor can hosts respond to these types of requests.

    You can use the Find a Host link at the top, or check out the Shared Web Hosting Offers forum.

    Best of luck!

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    Ok sorry v_v someone told me to go here and request ....oopz

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    Tryblithe, you can find a lot of hosts for $1, just don't expect anything.

    Don't expect good uptime, good support, speed, or have that company to be around for years, they may go out of business and keep your buck.

    If you sign up expecting the worse maybe it will be better than expected!

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    Check out bizarre-host, very cheap indeed. But I'd also heed wbpro's warning.

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    Feel free to look around the Web Hosting Offers and research them.
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    You can always try

    You could get hosting for $! or less there.

    But as said by most of the people here. Do not expect alot for your $1

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