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    [UK] Quality Colocation in Redbus Sovereign House


    Free setup on these cut price colocation offers between the 25th and 28th of July inclusive. You are welcome to ship servers to us for install on these dates or bring them along yourself.

    All services offered are from our core POP on the 2nd floor of Redbus Sovereign House.

    We operate our own fully redundant multihomed BGP4 network on which bandwidth is uncontended and non-oversold. We receive a mix of Abovenet, Tiscali and Level3 from both Catalyst2 and Gyron along with their peering routes and those of Kewlio.

    Reduced-price colocation offers:

    Up to 2u rackspace &…

    100gb transfer: £55
    200gb transfer: £75
    500gb transfer: £110

    5mb (95th %ile) bandwidth: £200

    10mb unmetered bandwidth (1:1 contention): £300

    Setup: Free between 25th and 28th July.

    Our colocation services include, free of charge:

    * Unlimited IP addresses (subject to RIPE regulations)
    * Free reboots
    * MRTG port statistics (and whatever else you would like us to monitor)
    * Backup DNS and MX feeds

    Additionally, off-site network backup space is available at £25 per month for 10gb.

    All colocation packages are subject to a minimum contract length of 3 calendar months.

    We currently do not charge VAT so the prices you see are exactly what you pay.

    Please also note that we do not allow IRC related services on our network.

    We are a relatively small company and pride ourselves on being able to offer a very personal and tailored service so if you would like pricing for any other combination of rackspace or bandwidth please email [email protected] with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with the best we can do!

    nitrotech solutions ltd
    Kris -
    Premium Dell Windows/Linux dedicated servers in London
    Great value shared hosting & ADSL.
    PM/Email for no-obligation quotes.

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    A couple of questions:

    Do you provide hands on help in case of hardware problems? If yes, how quickly?

    The figures you quote, are they in bits or bytes? Is it 100GB (GigaBytes) or 100Gb(Gigabits), I assume it's Bytes but as you have used a small b you could be bits.

    Could you become VAT registered in the future?

    Thats it for now, look forward to your reply...
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    For relatively simple problems we would often use the Redbus 'remote hands' from their on call engineer. If this is inside our contracted allowance we would not charge for it and otherwise we would pass on any charge at cost price.

    For anything more technical or for which you'd prefer someone with a much greater depth of knowledge we have numerous contacts between 10 and 30 minutes from the datacentre available both during and outside office hours.

    The transfer figure is in Bytes

    I'll drop you a brief email now with a little more information.

    Kind regards,
    Kris -
    Premium Dell Windows/Linux dedicated servers in London
    Great value shared hosting & ADSL.
    PM/Email for no-obligation quotes.

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