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    being a reseller

    alright so ive gotten kind of interested in the reselling thing lately, so ive been reading up. from what i understand i buy a monthly pagkage, lets say 100gb of bandwith and 10gb of disk space. the company i think i might start off with provides whm and cpanel. so i use whm to create accounts for whatever customers i find and thats where i limit there bandwith and disk space correct, also where do you guys find customers?any advertising ideas. also if infact i get big enough and want to switch to a dedicated server, how hard is that?. I was reading about using paypal to accept payments throught credit cards, do you have to have any sort of license or cert to use that on your site? what kind of setups do you all use, what kind did you start out on and how many customers do you currently serve? thanks.

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    Finding customers is key , you can use these forums, advertising on google, fliers, newspaper articles, family friends, etc, possibilities are limitless...

    It shouldn't be too hard to switch to a dedicated server if you are using a control panel such as Cpanel or Plesk that enables you to make a nice backup and then restore it, some hosts will move your accounts as well so you don't have to worry about it.

    Paypal is one way, with their setup you dont' need a SSL cert, that would be more if you did the credit card processing directly on your site.
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    I would start out with a small reseller at a reasonable price though just starting out in the hosting buisness is not easy. Heck people who have been doing it for over a year still have trouble finding clients. Unless you know your way around the net in advertising i would say go big. But just warning you its not a piece of cake when it comes to getting clients.

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    alright so ive gotten kind of interested in the reselling thing lately, so ive been reading up.
    My recommendation would be to read more and do planty of searches. There are plenty of answers to your questions posted already on this board.

    One thing that you must realise is that tips regarding very successful advertising venues are not likely to be shared. It can easily cost a company thousands of dollars in tests to find the right way to advertise their service, so obviously they would be reluctant to share that knowledge, especially with a (potential) competitor.

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