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    Which came first the chicken or the egg?

    We all complain, I hear it all the time, i do it to, about poor service not just in the web hosting industry but in all service industrys. Our phone service, our cell phone providers our electric compaines, air lines you name we complain about it. Outsourcing support departments overseas, long telephone waits with endless balbering push this for this department this for that department etc...

    But are we as consumers to blame? Have we brought this on ourselves? After all we demand low prices and punish the providers by going with someone cheaper to get it. Have providers had to cut back on service in order to cut cost and offer the pricing we demand?

    American airlines a few weeks ago stopped providing the little pillows on their planes because of the cost to clean them, figure they will save over 2.5 mil a year. Food used to be standard fare on airlines, incuded in the price, now you are lucky if they will sell you a candy bar for $3.00.

    In our industry the prices are getting lower yet I see more and more people expecting better service with 24/7 phone support but only want to pay $3.00 a month. Yet complain if the line is not answered right away.

    Have we as consumers exceeded the ability of suppliers to make a profit and maintain the level of service we expect?

    Or have providers become greedy and cut cost to maximize profit and lowered prices to extract new business at our expense.

    Which came first? Who did it to who the provider or the customer?

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    Both and neither. The natural forces of the economy are at play; give them time and they will settle -- in one way or another.

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    no comment about the customers..
    but the egg clearly came first..

    following evolution we had two almost-chickens mating..
    producing the first real chicken egg.. from which a full fledged KFC chicken hatched.


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    I for one don't mind paying higher prices for better service.

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    More on the chicken or the egg comment.

    It's the egg since chickens aren't the only things that lay eggs

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    I told a guy once that was trying to argue with people about it, that if the egg came first, there would be no chicken to incubate it, so the chicken must have come first (barring evolutionary theories). After about 10 minutes, I recall this guy threatened to harm me physically. I invited him over, but he never showed.

    Anyway, I still stand by that rationalization for the chicken having to have come first, if only one or the other were suddenly to just pop into existence. I also believe that a tree does still cause sound waves to travel in the forest, even if there are no human ears around to receive them and perceive them as noise. Needless to say, I annoy people in philosophy courses.

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