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    Want to advertise on your site!

    I have ran this post once before and would like to run it again. I want to buy advertising spots on websites with good traffic. The site that need to apply are gaming (video), computer hardware or site in that range. I want to display a 468x60 banner, that will be seen in the upper part of the site (very close to the main header).

    All payments are via paypal.

    Contact is best made by pm via the below info and i check here about 2 times a day.


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    I have a free web hosting forum, most users are teenage webmasters which would be close to the audience your looking for, here are the stats:

    - 2782 unique visitors last month.
    - 438944 hits last month.
    - PR3
    - 1283 forum members with 18311 posts.
    - 1090 indexed pages on google.

    You can view the stats here

    Advertising options
    - 468*60 banner on all forum pages, $10 per month. [5 banners in rotation]
    -120*60 banner under affiliates on the side panel $4 per month.
    -125*125 Sponsor banner, only one is placed there, $5 per month.
    -Text links under Partner links are available for $3 per month.
    -Site wide text link on the forums footer are available for $5 per month.

    You will get an account to track your daily adviews and clicks.


    Payment by paypal.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    69 is a perfect place to advertise if your looking for hard core PC gamers. The community is new as of June 10th 2005, but is strong and gaining popularity by the minute.

    We are offering 468x60 banners on our site with ingame advertising ( EX. during PUG's. We had a pug last night that lasted close to 3 hours, and your advertisement would scroll once every 2-5 mins.

    The price is $30.00 a month for both ingame and web, and $20.00 separately.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    EMAIL - [email protected]
    MSN - [email protected]
    or PM here.

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    I can do ad space on:

    Though it is fairly small we are going to be doing a few promotions through the next month.

    Cost is technicly $5 a month, but I've got contact details in my signature which you can barter me with (IE. get it cheaper)

    The site has had 146 unique visiters over the past 5 days (when it was set up)

    Though this isn't a poplar site it may be too cheap to miss out on
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    My main site gets 1800 unique / day.
    Site wide yours ( only ) top banner $100
    ONly home page and forum $40
    ONly PHP section $40
    ONly sql section $40

    I have one new site , here I will place your banner free for one month for any of the above offers.

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    Maybe one of my 2 offers in this thread could suit your needs:

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    About 1 million hits a month.

    $60 a month. Minimum contract 3 months.

    Up to you fella'

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    Ok I have more than enough offers, so I am going to start returning pms now.

    Thanks for all that posted or replied


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    hey Tony,

    I may be late responding, the consideration is yours.

    I'm running a Music Video website. I have no advertisers at present. I'm looking for only one advertised banner to be displayed on the index page (top right).

    This website receives between 600-700 hits/day, with over 500 uniques/day.

    Let me know if your interested and I'll send you the stats, along with monthly pricing.


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    1,838 needs advertising but i had trouble putting in the google adsense with the new program and javascript
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