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    Lightbulb free hosting business

    Hi, I wanted to know if anybody makes money being a free host. I know that they make money off the ads they put on the sites. But do that money make for a good business.

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    Most free hosts I see don't last very long. So I'm led to believe that they are not making enough money to survive. Either that or they eventually become a paid host to cover costs.
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    With free hosting companies, they must do a lot of volume to make money. For instance, Geocities makes a lot of money because they have so many users. However this would not be the case if you had only 300-400 users you would need around 1,000+ to start profiting.

    So it all just depends

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    Post that question on and or perhaps in the Running a Web Hosting Business forum here. You'll get better responses.
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    They don't usually last that long in my opinion, too many problems and you don't usually get quality customers from this type of hosting, which leads to more support and problems.
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    They make profit from ads, e.g. Google Adsense. I don't see another way to survive...

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    They many make money from Ads like Google Adsense, etc, however what types of sites do they host, small sites and small scammer file hosting tyes of things, so ads dont get seen much. Plus Google dosent pay that much compaired to others, but Google is all you can get approved for a Free Host most of the time. The most I have seen a free host make on google was $400. He was out of bunesses in less than 4 months.
    Plus it is hard to make sure everyone is showing you ad, etc.

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    It's a lot of hassle dealing with spammers and people disrespecting the service etc. You tend to get a lot more timewasters too.

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    I own a free hosting company
    and im kinda satisfied with the revenue i get from it.
    The people on my forum are nice and friendly and help me a lot.
    I have also recived donations from a few guys to continue free.
    so im opening another one

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    What is your free hosting company domain name?
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    Nothing comes free so there is probably a catch if there complete service is free. Now if they are offering a domain or service free for a certain number of months, thats another story. It sounds more legit and they are still making profit.

    Hope this helps!

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