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    Hello all. I have just signed up as a member of these forums so out I can tell you all about my experience with the shambles that is eukhost.

    I signed up to eukhost approx 2 months ago, as they offered a very low cost solution to web hosting. I needed a server that would routinely run a perl script I wrote to collect horse racing data.

    On 23rd July 2005 I noticed that the web site was not reachable. After more than 48 hours of downtime, the website was finally up. However, a few days of downtime was not the worst of the troubles. After accessing my site, I found that ALL of the information I had collected in a mysql db had gone!

    I contacted eukhost, who informed me that they had suffered a hard disk outage. Please see the short response from eukhost:


    We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We had a hard-disk failure on the server, WE have tried to save as much data as we can and restored it. If you have your back up please upload it in your public_html folder we will restore it for you. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Alan Phillips,
    Support Team,
    Toll Free : 0800 097 4828
    MSN : [email protected]
    ICQ : 275075112
    AIM : euksupport

    I find it incomprehensible that a backup of the servers was not carried out and my data could not be restored. I think it even more stunning that eukhost expected me to keep a backup of information stored on THEIR servers! I lost 2.5 years of data!

    Aside from all of this, during my dealings with eukhost support via their freephone number, I suspect that all of my calls were directed to an Indian call centre who were slow to respond and never directly answered any questions that I raised.

    In summary - if you are looking for a hosting solution pay a little bit extra and use a professional company! I shall be scouring these forums for guidance on a decent hosting company - I only wish I had investigated this first!

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    I'm sorry to hear about your experience grumpy. A lot of us have to learn the hard way that keeping a backup of your current data is the most important thing one msut do. I know I had to as well .

    I think this post is a good example that people should do as thorough a background check on their potential/current host so that they can avoid problems like this.
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    Every client is suppose to backup their own data for security, you never know what will happen on the Internet. Of course the host should have backup , raid etc. But on your side, it is also your responsibility to backup your data.

    A good lesson to all is backup your data, every if your host has backups.

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    As you said you lost 2.5 year old data, I know it must be really frustrating for you at this stage.

    But as boonchaun suggested, you should always have a habbit to maintain your backups yourself, especially when the data is that old.
    This is the reason that these days almost all the popular control panels have the feature to take backups at end user.

    Anyway, I really feel sorry for your lost data and hope it makes you more cautious in future. All the best !

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    From their TAC page (

    Back-ups must be made by clients. We are now un able to provide daily back ups as a result of the amount of resources sites take up therefore it is your best interest to make back ups of your site on a regular basis in case of any unlikely server break downs.
    I think it even more stunning that eukhost expected me to keep a backup of information stored on THEIR servers!
    In fact they were asking you to upload the back-up that you had on your own computer:
    If you have your back up please upload it in your public_html folder we will restore it for you.
    That said, we can all understand the pain that the loss of your 2.5 yers old database has caused you.

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    An unfortunate, but good lesson for you to learn. The data is your responsibility, not your hosts. Next time, you'll make sure you have lots of back ups.

    Best of luck!

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    I agree with must of you here, Data is the responsability of the customer. Ofcourse the hosting should do everything possible to keep current back ups but a faliure can happen at any time and is better to be saved.

    Originally posted by mr grumpy

    I signed up to eukhost approx 2 months ago,
    I'm really sorry for your lose, but how did you loose 2 years of data if you signed up 2 months ago?

    If you uploaded the existing data you most have it somewhere....
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    I'm here to eat a bit of humble pie!

    Further to my rantings and ravings on the performance of eukhost, they have recovered all but a few days worth of data and offered a years free hosting by way of compensation.

    After reading other members comments I now realise that data backups are probably not part of the hosting package unless specifically stated, so some of the previous frustration was partially my own fault.

    eukhost have pulled out all the stops and recovered my lost data. I'm once again a happy customer!

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