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    Advise on reliable name provider


    for a company (and after seeing some of the names we wanted and were trademarks in our country were taken by parking pages !!!) I need to purchase 5 domain names, 4 in .com and 1 in .info

    We don't want to pay too high a price of course but we prefer someone reliable and stable and will host somewhere else.

    Any advice ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Domain name is cheap at around 6 to 12 per yr so that should not be a problem. Look for an ICANN acredited registrar and key in proper/correct admin contact when you register. Even if the registrar goes down, the domain will still be yours.
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    eNom, NetSolutions, Moniker, and DirectI are popular.

    I use eNom myself.

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    Glad to know we keep the DNS even if the seller goes down.

    BTW a question about godaddy as I saw lots of positive reports.

    Everytime I go to their site there are troubles with the certificates. Any idea why ? (I use Opera as a browser).

    Once I have a DNS with one seller, how do I practically use it for the title of a site hosted somewhere else ?

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    You will have to change name servers at the Registrar for your domain name, so it can resolve to your Hosting Provider DNS.
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