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    Our story...We are a very large site and are currently run on 3 servers, one database server, a web server and then an image server. Over the last two months we have had nothing but problems and are really in need of a new provider that can provide us a cluster service that is FULLY managed with more or less instant support as downtime COSTS us money.

    So our question is… who are the main providers for this sort of service? We have worked with quite a few places over the last few years and just no one seems to be able to keep our server running and running well for over a few weeks.

    Thanks in advance for all your help guys and girls!

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    I would suggest RackSpace or a similar high end provider. Get ready to shell out some big bucks, though.

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    Greetings: is very good; BUT is not fully managed unless you prepay for all of the options.

    Thank you.
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    many hosts can offer this service , is the most well known.
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    Indeed - a few can do this type of thing, some better than others though.

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    If you are truly willing to pay what it costs to provide this kind of service then you can easily contact any of several managed service providers that specialize in this kind of solution.

    Don't forget that companies like IBM, EDS, and other larger consulting/service providers are experts in this arena. Web Services - High-performance Hosting & Fully Managed Servers
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    Originally posted by SMachiz
    Indeed - a few can do this type of thing, some better than others though.

    All right, I'll bite.

    As well as rackspace you should take a loot at:

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    You're only interested in WebServer clustering? since you mentioned only one db & image server?

    Do also look at they handle complex hosting solution and clustering is something they do pretty much daily. Be aware - their bandwidth is perhaps the most expensive in the industry. They offer fully managed services.
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    I would add to the list suggestions. I've heard they provide top-notch services. They are more Windows-oriented though, AFAIK.

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    While it's understandable that a webhost would advocate throwing more hardware at the problem (and certainly having a single point of failure at every tier makes a strong case for that), being more of an application/architecture guy I would first evaluate your application architecture and it's weaknesses. You need to know why you're having scalability problems and address those; throwing more hardware when you have, as an example, a poorly tuned data access tier isn't going to solve your problems. I've seen far too many applications that were simply poorly architected and designed, and no matter what kind of hardware solution you threw at them they wouldn't scale. I've personally been involved in a re-architecting project of a non-trival application that yielded almost a 100x increase in maximum transactions/second on the same hardware platform. These are the kinds of decisions than can mean the difference between buying additional hardware every month or two or every year or two instead.

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